How to protect your organization

With the proliferation of data breaches and malicious attacks, organizations need to employ the most proficient and best in class cybersecurity strategy available. This ranges across a broad spectrum of testing and vulnerability management services, from penetration testing to Red Teaming (CREST Approved).

Within these services, BSI also provides a host of cloud security solutions, from web security and cloud access security brokerage to identity access management and data protection in the cloud. 

Explore our client case studies

  • “It was very important to work with a partner that knows the product extremely well and has carried out deployments in organizations of similar size and composition.”

    Robert Early, Group Information Security Officer, UDG Healthcare plc

  • “Our team had been aware for a while of the need to control and monitor web traffic. We spent a lot of time developing internet usage policies. However, despite these policies being in place, we had no way of enforcing them or even of knowing if they were being adhered to.”

    Colm Fagan, Global Head of Information Security at Doosan