Protecting your information, people and reputation

Information Resilience, a domain of Organizational Resilience, empowers organizations to safeguard its information – physical, digital and intellectual property – throughout its lifecycle from source to destruction. This requires the adoption of information security-minded practices that allow stakeholders to gather, store, access and use information securely and effectively.

Information Resilience requires four key subdomains to be addressed with strategies, plans and actions.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Information management and privacy
  • Security awareness and training
  • Compliance to requirements

Achieve the state of enhanced and sustainable Information Resilience through our four main integrated and woven sets of products and services:

BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience

As a leading provider of research and development, auditing services, training, data compliance, managed technology solutions and advisory services, we help organizations respond to everyday information security challenges. We can help you embed a robust framework to build information resilience and proactively identify, anticipate and respond to cyber threats and information security risks.

Work with us to safely manage and secure your customers’ information, strengthen your information governance and safeguard your critical infrastructure.

Our Cybersecurity and Information Resilience expertise

We offer training, advisory services, technology solutions, and assessment and testing services in the area of:




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Security Awareness

BSI Data Management and Privacy


Data management and privacy

BSI Compliance and testing


Compliance and testing