IECQ areas

BSI operates the IECQ (international) and BS 9000 (national) third-party system to certify electronic components that have had their quality assessed in addition to the quality management system of the company. Therefore, an IECQ and/or BS 9000 certified vendor offers a significantly higher level of independent assurance than any first or second party approval scheme. Building on the foundation of a quality management system to ISO 9001 these schemes focus on assessing the quality of the product through a selection of approvals for product quality assurance.

  • Approved Component (including Capability Approval)
  • Approved Process
  • Test Laboratories (including BS 9000)
  • Avionics component management (ECMP)
  • Hazardous Substance Process Management
  • BS 9000 approved product
  • Manufacturer Approval (including BS 9000)
  • Specialist Contractor
  • Component Distributor (including BS 9000)

Approved Component (AC)

IECQ Approved Components Certification may be applied to Electronic Components, Products, Related Materials and Assemblies for which a technical standard or specification exists or a client specification accepted for use in the IECQ system. For example this may cover but not be limited to: silicon wafer slabs, integrated & discrete electronic components, connectors, printed wiring boards, components/products/materials that assist in the construction, installation and use of electronic components. E.g. ceramic insulators and heat sinks.

Component manufacturers are the source for approved components in IECQ and BS 9000 schemes. To become an approved component manufacturer in the schemes, the company quality system is not only independently assessed to ISO 9001 but also to the additional requirements of the  IECQ system rules.

Manufacturers may chose from the product approvals available to suit their business needs and/or component sector. The types of Product Approval available to a component manufacturer are Approved Component (AC) and Approved Process (AP).

Download the IECQ Approved Component brochure from the IECQ website

Test Laboratories

Independent Test Laboratories play a vital role in the IECQ and BS 9000 schemes for approval of electronic components.   To become a Test Laboratory in the schemes, the company is not only independently assessed to the requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 17025, but also the additional requirements for IECQ and BS 9000 Test Laboratory approval.

IECQ and BS 9000 schemes permit testing at the manufacturer’s site under the surveillance of the approval authority.   For specialised tests or where the expertise of a test laboratory is required, a number of test laboratories are approved under the IECQ and BS 9000 systems.

Only IECQ and BS 9000 approved independent laboratories are allowed to perform testing for approved IECQ and BS 9000 manufacturers.

Test laboratories approved under IECQ and BS 9000 may also re-validate stock for component distributors on behalf of the original approved manufacturers.

Avionics Component Management (ECMP)

Component management for the Avionics industry is a recent addition to the IECQ approval schemes.  

IECQ component management approval is designed for auditing avionics Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) against IEC publications in two main areas.

  • Electronic component management plans in accordance with IECQ TS 62239-1
  • Use of semiconductor devices outside manufacturers’ specified temperature ranges in accordance with IEC TR 62240.

OEMs successfully audited in this area have independent confirmation that they validate and control the use of electronic components on equipments and sub-assemblies destined for aerospace use. The programme has been developed by the IEC Avionics Implementation Working Group (AIWG) which includes representation from all interested parties in the aerospace industry.

It should be understood that this approval is not product certification.

An OEM holding Component Management approval under IECQ will have met the following technical requirements with respect to electronic component management:

  • Component Selection
  • Component Application
  • Component Qualification
  • Component Quality Assurance
  • Component Dependability
  • Component /Process Compatibility
  • Component Data
  • Configuration Control

The above requirements will have been demonstrated as part of the assessment of the OEMs quality management system for the supply of avionics equipment and sub-assemblies to the aerospace industry.

Please note that Component Management Approval is not available under BS 9000.

Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM)

The IECQ HSPM Hazardous Substance Process Management Requirements are designed to evaluate equipment manufacturer’s and related organisation’s processes for compliance with QC 080000 IECQ HSPM (IECQ HSPM) in addition to the compliance of the processes with ISO 9001 QMS.

IECQ HSPM provides the requirements used to demonstrate to the international market place that the organisation has developed, documented, and implemented processes for managing the production, selection and use of electronic components, assemblies, processes and related materials in accordance with customer, local, national and international HSF requirements (Directive 2011 / 65 / EU Recast, Directive 2012 / 19 / EU Recast and other local environmental regulations) for their scope of activity.

Download the IECQ Hazardous Substances Process Management Scheme brochure from the IECQ website

BS 9000 approved product

Many product approvals are still held under BS 9000 the UK National approval scheme for electronic components. Product Approved to BS 9000 continues to be required for long term military and professional electronic applications.

The register will be updated as changes to approvals dictate, the current version always being available for download.

Download the PD 9002 Register (PDF size 440Kb) here.

Manufacturer Capability Approval

Capability approval is a popular form of approval available under both the IECQ and BS 9000 schemes. Approval is based upon end-of-line and periodic testing, detailed in a quality plan (known as a Capability Manual) which is published by the manufacturer.

Components currently certified under Capability Approval include Hybrid microcircuits and (unassembled) printed circuits boards.

Approved Process (AP)

For the first time subcontractors providing processing, services or the manufacture of piece parts and material can be certified under the IECQ system in their own right. Subcontractors in the IECQ scheme can provide this service to component manufacturers, thus giving the part finished component recognition within the scheme as an Approved Process. To achieve Approved Process status in the IECQ scheme the company is independently assessed to the IECQ system rules and the relevant recognised industry process standard. Approved Process has been included in the IECQ suite of certification procedures to cater for those contractors offering services to the electronic component industry. This is based upon the control of quality factors and associated critical parameters which are detailed in a quality plan (known as a Process Manual) and published by the contractor.

Processes that have been certified include Connector Assembly-Distribution and Printed Board Design. Many other processes can be approved under IECQ, provided that a recognised industry standard for that process is available.

Please note that the Approved Process is not available under BS 9000.

Download the IECQ Approved Process Scheme brochure from the IECQ website

Component Distributors

Component Distributors are an intrinsic part of the supply chain for approved electronic components in both the IECQ and BS 9000 schemes. To become a component distributor in the schemes the company is not only independently assessed to the requirements of ISO 9001 but also additional requirements for IECQ Distributor approval. Thus enabling full traceability of components with IECQ and BS 9000 release.

IECQ and BS 9000 approved component distributors have authorisation from the approved manufacturer to stock and distribute his approved components. Conformance to IECQ and BS 9000 requirements assure that the handling and storage of approved components always maintains traceability back to the original manufacturer’s production batches. Industry agreed shelf-life and stock re-validation, as necessary, maintains the quality of the approved component whilst "in stock".

Component Distributors approved under IECQ and BS 9000 are permitted to sub-divide the original manufacturers batches and release under the schemes using the Mark of Conformity or Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (SDoC). Components released by approved Component Distributors include resistors, capacitors, filters, connectors, transformers and semiconductors.

For the end user of electronic components the IECQ and BS 9000 approved component distributors provide a useful source of components assessed quality in smaller quantities than normally supplied by the approved manufacturer.