The Fundamentals of Auditing (ISO19011:2018) On-demand eLearning Course

This course will introduce learners to the fundamentals of practical auditing using the ISO 19011:2018 standard.

An ineffective audit can mean severe consequences, resulting in process failure, patient or customer dissatisfaction, and regulatory noncompliance. 

Optimize your auditing skills to help boost your audit capabilities, gain confidence in planning and performing an effective audit (both internal or external), as well as reporting and taking corrective action where necessary.

On-demand - training that’s even more flexible

This on-demand course aims to provide the knowledge and understanding of practical auditing in order to apply this to your related work. It also aims to cover how management systems can be audited for conformity. 

How will I benefit?

This On-demand course will also help you to:

  • Maintain compliance with various management system standards
  • Improve a global benchmark in quality standards
  • Be confident that your organization can rely on competent auditors
  • Motivate colleagues through continuing professional development (CPD) and ensure rigorous regulatory internal processes
    And write factual audit reports and suggest corrective actions