Introduction to Management Systems On-demand eLearning Course

This course will introduce learners to management systems and management system standards. This short on-demand course highlights the particular features of management systems, the key concepts and principles, and the advantages that can be gained through external, third party, accredited certification of a management system to defined management system standard.

On-demand - training that’s even more flexible

This short 30-40min on-demand course aims to provide the knowledge and understanding of management systems, and management system standards, and describe briefly how they can be used to help an organization enhance overall organizational performance.

How will I benefit?

As an introductory course to management systems and management system standards, this course will help learners:

  • Identify the components of a typical management system
  • Identify examples of management system standards
  • Understand how management systems can be used to achieve consistency, conformance, compliance, and continual improvement
  • Know how management system standards can help meet the requirements of its customers, and wider stakeholders groups such as the local community, suppliers, and investors
  • Know and understand the activities of externally accredited certification bodies involved in management system auditing and certification activities