Supply Chain Aspects of Business Continuity Training Course (ISO/TS 22318:2015)

This course is aimed at assisting organizations of any type and size to understand the additional business continuity guidance contained within the technical specification: ISO/TS 22318 Societal security - business continuity management systems guidelines for supply chain continuity.    ISO 22301 focuses primarily on internal business processes and the resulting products and services. ISO 22318 provides additional guidance for organizations that are more dependent upon their supply chains, especially for supplies that form part of a product or service delivered by the organization

ISO/TS 22318:2015 is a Technical Specification that provides guidance on extending the principles of ISO 22301 and ISO 22313 to the management of supplier relationships and developing a supply chain continuity management (SCCM) programme.

The aim of the course is to equip you with the necessary knowledge to design and implement a SCCM programme that addresses the key, and critical, suppliers upon which your organization depends.

Who should attend this training?

This training can be attended by anyone involved in providing critical services with the interest or responsibility of formulating recovery arrangements following product or service disruption.

What will I learn?


  • Interpret the key concepts and guidance contained in ISO/TS 22318:2015
  • Identify and describe the supply chains upon which your organization depends
  • Recognize the key terms applicable to supply chain continuity management and their meanings
  • Identify the benefits of supply chain continuity management (SCCM)
  • Prioritize key risk response strategies
  • Recognize the key elements in supply chain disruption management
  • Recognize the components and outcomes of a SCCM performance evaluation programme
  • Visualize and describe a variety of supply chains
  • Analyse your supply chains and conduct an operational disruption risk assessment
  • Identify SCCM strategies and select solutions to their implementation
  • Develop contract documentation to help optimize suppliers’ continuity capabilities
  • Identify the key elements in supplier continuity capability
  • Develop a SCCM performance evaluation and assurance programme

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Identify key benefits associated with using ISO/TS 22318 for managing supply chain disruption risks as part of a business continuity management system
  • Consider specific supply chain disruption risks and associated strategies for managing them
  • Consider business continuity plans to respond to supply chain disruption events
  • Establish how to integrate supply chain disruption risk strategies and responses into a business continuity management system
  • Consider integration of operational resilience and continuity capability in supplier audit programmes
  • Establish strong assurance regarding supply chain continuity risks

What are the advantages of Connected Learning Live?

This visual classroom training is:

  • Flexible to attend from home or office and yet remains interactive with the tutor-delegate engagement throught the live session via webcam;
  • Cost-efficient as there will be no travel, venue or accommodation cost required on the part of the delegate; and,
  • Interactive with real-time tutor-delegate engagement, creating a conducive classroom environment.