BSI Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Our internationally recognized Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems will give you new skills and confidence through distance learning.

Designed to share our expertise and encourage understanding of health and safety management systems, the course offers the very best in working safely training from home. Those in managerial or operational roles will reap the rewards of flexible distance learning – as well as bringing greater health and safety knowledge and practical application to your organization.

Based on the BS8800 and OHSAS 18001 the course provides a thorough introduction to health and safety management systems, their importance and impact, and how to make them work within your organization. 

How will I benefit?

  • Broaden your career prospects
  • Gain professional recognition
  • Reap business rewards of improved knowledge and practical application
  • Achieve the highest standards of health and safety
  • Build stakeholder confidence
Trust in our expertise: we founded many of the world’s most popular management system standards, including BS OHSAS 18001.