Delivering best practice knowledge

Knowledge sits at the core of every successful business. This has always been true, but with ever more information at our fingertips, real knowledge can be very elusive.   How can you be sure that your business, your organisation has access to the best available knowledge?

Knowledge is not just information; it’s a quality. Knowledge is something you can trust, something you can safely base far-reaching decisions on.

British Standards are knowledge. They’re the distilled wisdom of experience and expertise, carefully assembled in a dependable format, tried and tested yet flexible and dynamic.

The knowledge in a British Standard has been refined by our processes of comment and consultation and represents a consensus position of everyone who has made a contribution to it. We review it regularly and keep it up-to-date. You can be confident that it is also the knowledge that others are using as the basis for their own business decisions; your partners, your suppliers, your customers, your competitors.

You can use our knowledge in our standards and other publications to supplement knowledge you already have, or as the basis for more knowledge you want to create. Our knowledge is there for you to use in your business, in whatever way suits you best. However you use it, you can rely on it.