Create a PAS

Create a PAS

 A PAS is a fast-track standardization document. It defines a solution that’s specific to your industry.

 A PAS is a fast-track standardization document, published within 9-12 months. It defines a solution that’s specific to your industry.

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What is a PAS?

A PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is a fast-track standardization document – the result of an expert consulting service from BSI. It defines good practice standards for a product, service or process.

It’s developed by a steering group of stakeholders, selected from relevant fields and led by BSI. And it’s a powerful way to establish the integrity of new innovation or approach. 

A PAS can be for a private business, government bodies or a trade association read more

Why sponsor a PAS?

  • Increase confidence in an innovative new product or service. See how > 
  • Demonstrate leadership and build credibility in the market. See how >
  • Gain wider acceptance of a methodology, framework or process. See how >
  • Support self-regulation. See how >
  • Protect the industry and consumers against poor quality products. See how >
  • Raise your profile – link with BSI’s respected brand. See how >

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