Remote Audit FAQs

We’re are committed to ensuring your remote audit is delivered seamlessly. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help.


Will the audit duration be any different for a remote audit?

No. Your audit duration is designed to meet certification scheme requirements so the duration required will remain the same. However, delivery approach may need to vary depending on specific scheme requirements. Most schemes enable audits to be conducted either partially or fully remotely. The specific audit criteria will be taken into consideration when developing your audit plan and agreed with you in advance.


What happens if there are connectivity issues during a remote audit?

We will maintain basic communication via phone to continue the audit remotely. At the same time, we will try to resolve the connectivity issue. If we are not able to resolve the connectivity issue, we will work with you to determine the necessary follow-up arrangements required to ensure the audit is completed in accordance with certification requirements.


What if we are not able to observe the implementation of processes and / or activities during the remote audit?

BSI will arrange follow-up on-site audits, as needed, to ensure all necessary requirements are met to support your certification.

On occasions, BSI may need to extend the remaining on-site audit activities to a later date when scheduling allows appropriate supporting evidence to be captured. 


How is appropriate information security maintained during a remote audit?

The security and confidentiality of electronic or electronically-transmitted information is particularly important when auditing remotely. The same rules of confidentiality apply to remote audits as when audits are carried out face-to-face.

All employees are required to discard all information collected during both the planning and execution of the remote audit once it has been completed (except where information is classified as certification records).

During the remote audit, no unauthorised recording (voice and /or video) is allowed.

All reviewed information (voice and /or video) will only be used as evidence to support certification findings and conclusions.