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ISO 9001 training with our experts will help you to better understand what a quality management system is, how to implement it, and how to audit your system.

You can cut costs, boost efficiency and keep customers confident with one of our ISO 9001 Quality Management Training courses.

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Learn about ISO 9001

Masterclass: ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems >

This masterclass will provide you with the knowledge and skills to implement, maintain and improve the more technical aspects of a quality management system.By developing this expertise, you’ll be better equipped to implement the more challenging technical aspects of a management system standard or discipline. You’ll also have the competence to improve an existing management system by evaluating the effectiveness of its implementation.

1995 ₮ + НӨАТ

5 days classroom course

Learn how to implement ISO 9001

Gain new auditing skills

ISO 9001:2015 Requirements and Internal Auditing >

Qualification Available


  • Obtain a detailed understanding of the key terms, definitions and requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and how the standard can help your organization to better meet customer needs.
  • To provide you with guidance and practical experience in planning, executing, reporting and follow-up of an internal audit, when monitoring the effectiveness and conformity of a Quality Management System (ISO 9001).
1425 ₮ + НӨАТ

3 days classroom based training course

Remote Auditing Training Course >

The course covers guidance on the processes and procedures required to perform remote audits, including the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to optimize the audit effectiveness and efficiency and support and maintain the integrity of the audit process. The focus of the course is on 1st and 2nd party audits.

350 ₮ + НӨАТ

4 hours online course

Other training courses - Our training can come to you. See below for all ISO 9001 in-company training courses

ISO 9001:2015 Strategic Approach to Risk-based Thinking Training Course >

Develop an understanding of risk in the context of ISO HLS (high level structure) management system standards.

You’ll learn about the element of risk-based thinking in ISO 9001:2015, quality management and undertake a deep dive into common theories. You’ll observe a practical method for establishing, implementing and maintaining processes for risks and opportunities.

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