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NYC DOB 40-hour Site Safety Manager Course

The 40-hr curriculum covers the 2014 NYC Building Codes, including the requisite review of the updated Chapter 33 “SAFEGUARDS DURING CONSTRUCTION OR DEMOLITION”, as well as current Federal and State regulatory standards and applicable local laws to ensure compliance and safe work practices in construction. This course is also required for the qualified and experienced construction industry personnel applying for the Site Safety Manager license or registering with the NYC DOB as a Certified Site Safety Coordinator or Registered Construction Superintendent. In addition, New York City Building Department is proposing a rule, requiring a “Written Designation of a Competent Person”; one of the qualifications will be that a designated competent person “…satisfactorily completed a site safety manager training course that is least 40 hours in length and is approved by the department”.


 Course Total Fee: $620.00




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NYC DOB 8-Hour Site Safety Manager / Coordinator Course

This training course is the refresher for the individuals renewing their NYC DOB certifications as the Safety Managers (every 3 years) and Site Safety Coordinators (every year).

This condensed version of the 40-hr Site Safety Manager course is a prerequisite for the new Site Safety Coordinator Certification and Construction Superintendent Registration with the NYC Building Department. In addition, as per amended NYC Rules of 2016, this course will be required for the Construction Superintendent Registration Renewal (every 3 years).


 Course Total  Fee: $275.00




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FDNY Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course

Where a Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator is required by the Building Code, the owner shall designate a person to be the Fire Safety Manager for the construction site. The Fire Safety Manager may be the Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator required by the Building Code. The Fire Safety Manager shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Fire Code, and the FDNY Rules. The Fire Safety Manager shall conduct an inspection of the construction site and all fire safety measures on at least a daily basis, and maintain a record of same in a bound log book or other approved system of recordkeeping. The log book or other approved recordkeeping shall be made available for inspection by any representative of the department. Where fire watch service is provided, the Fire Safety Manager shall be responsible for the general supervision of the fire guards.


 Course Total Fee: $275.00




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Flagger Certification and Training Course

Permittees must deploy pedestrian traffic managers when required by the NYC DOT and NYC DOB for any of the construction activities:

Such requirement shall be set forth in a permit stipulation and may be required where: 

  1. the permitted construction activity is located within a high pedestrian volume area, which significantly impacts pedestrian circulation; and/or 
  2. conflicts between pedestrians, bicycles and/or vehicles occur as a result of the construction activity.

When deployed and during their employment and active service, all pedestrian traffic managers must have either: 

  1. a minimum of five years of law enforcement experience, or 
  2. a minimum of five years of certified flagger experience and pedestrian traffic manager training.

Law enforcement experience may include but not be limited to New York City Police Department, New York City Department of Corrections, New York/New Jersey Port Authority Police, New York State Police, military police, or other comparable municipal law enforcement agencies.

All flaggers shall be adequately educated in flagging procedures by accredited training programs, including the National Safety Council, the American Traffic Safety Services Association, construction industry associations, or unions, or by somebody who holds a flagger certification as a training instructor from such a program. Before the beginning of flagging procedures, the Contractor shall render to the Engineer a list of certified flaggers to be employed in the operation, distinguishing the reference of flagger training for each individual. When asked by the Engineer, flaggers shall present their competency in flagging processes. Flaggers not competent in flagging processes to the satisfaction of the Engineer shall be retrained or substituted at once, as per Department of Transportation Standard Specifications and MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices). DOT Work Zone Traffic Control Manual

  1. introduction to flagger duties and the hazards associated with the performance of such duties
  2. review the DOT Flagger manual step by step
  3. hands-on exercise where every course participant demonstrate the skills of handling the tools (paddle and flag) and handling dangerous drivers

Each training assignment requires:

  • 6 feet tall STOP/SLOW paddle 
  • 2' X 2' Red Flag 
  • four traffic cones 
  • suitable space for the class 
  • potable water 
  • restroom facilities

Flagger certification must be from an accredited organization.

Updated Sidewalk Protection for Pedestrians: FDNY and DOB have increased enforcement of sidewalk and street closures related to crane activity, including the requirement that pedestrian traffic managers are present when large cranes operated in areas with significant pedestrian traffic.

In addition, DOB is conducting inspections and issuing violations to crane firms, operators and other personnel if flaggers are not appropriately restricting pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


 Course Total Fee: $175.00




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Firestop Instructional Training (FIT) Level 1

Firestop is widely recognized as a problematic issue for facilities engineering professionals. It is perhaps the most misapplied and misunderstood segment on Life-Safety in modern construction, especially with the constant changes made for voice and data cabling. 

This comprehensive, competency-based course is designed to educate and train participants in the fundamentals needed to become a resident firestop specialist. The goal is to equip the participant with the knowledge and tools needed to return home as an accredited trainer, and to serve as a resident inspector in confirming whether firestop installations are code compliant or not.

Who Should Attend?

People who will train, inspect or otherwise supervise the firestop installations of others. These include maintenance and engineering managers, IS managers, CE managers, infectious control managers, life-safety officers, loss reduction specialists and other interested parties.

Firestop products are highly dependent on proper design and installation for success in an actual fire. They are the only code required life-safety item installed by every trade. This course is excellent for designers, installers, code compliance officers and anyone seeking a basic understanding of firestopping.

  • Certificates and wallet ID cards for those who pass the exam
  • Renewable certification
  • Non-proprietary to any specific brands
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available, including American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE)


 Course Total Fee: $225.00




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Active Shooter / Medical Emergency Preparedness (ASMEP) Continuing Education Course

New York City Fire Department (FDNY) requires all Fire Safety Director (FSD), Fire Safety / Emergency Action Plan Director (FS / EAPD), and the Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Director applicants for Certificate of Fitness (CoF) to receive an Active Shooter and Medical Emergency Preparedness (ASMEP) training course by FDNY-accredited school.

Accredited Active Shooter and Medical Emergency Preparedness (ASMEP) course provides a general guidance for Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Directors and the building owners to mitigate the damage or injuries resulting from active shooter and medical emergency incidents occurred in high-rise buildings for implementing a Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan, training fire safety personnel (FSP), and related duties.

The course provides 4-hours of instruction followed by a 20-question exam.


 Course Total Fee: $110.00




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