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Supplier Audit Services That Build Confidence in Your Supply Chain

Trust in the knowledge that your business ensures reliability and sustainability in your supply chain operations with our audit solutions.

A trusted partner to deliver your supplier audit program

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A comprehensive program with global reach and unrivaled expertise

Our supplier audits span a range of areas including environmental health and safety, digital trust, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Your suppliers' commitment to best practices impacts you. Our expert team provides you with insights that will help you make decisions, through efficient, technology-enabled audits – delivered in-person, remote or hybrid – tailored to your requirements.

Strengthening an effective partnership with your suppliers

Our data-driven supplier audits help drive your continuous success, with proven expertise in embedding supply chain best practices.

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    Minimize potential compliance, quality and sustainability issues.

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    Gain transparency throughout your supply chain.

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    Improve your overall business performance.

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    Outsource your supplier audit for a time-saving and cost-effective audit program.

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    An independent, objective review from recognized audit experts.

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    Access to remote and hybrid audit solutions, plus data-driven insight.


Answering your questions about supplier audits

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  • An audit program of suppliers in your supply chain in relation to their sites, processes, systems and/or compliance against criteria defined or selected by your organization that depends on the products or services of those suppliers.

  • The scope is tailored to your organization's needs and objectives, and industry requirements.

    • We partner with you to understand your strategic objectives, risk, and risk appetite.
    • We define best practices by establishing audit tools, competencies and deliverables, aligned to meet your needs.
    • We collect your data and measure against best practices.
    • We provide tailored, risk-based and continuous insight at the depth and pace of your choice across multiple sites and geographies, accommodating for local language and culture.
    • Our BSI Connect Screen platform infuses geographic risk data and analysis into the assessment process to provide a risk-based view of the supply chain. The enhanced visibility empowers organizations to protect brand reputation and ensure a resilient supply chain through data-driven insight.
  • A hybrid audit program combines physical face-to-face audits, remote audits and integrated technology.

    • A more streamlined process
    • Reduce emissions and carbon footprint
    • Broader global access
    • Improved efficiency, productivity and well-being
    • More seamless audit process
  • Yes, we can create a supplier audit program for you designed to meet your specific objectives and address your challenges.

  • Yes, we can audit your supply chain against the industry programs developed by groups of brands with a common purpose, interest or activity such as the following:

    • Sedex SMETA
    • Higg Facility Environmental Module
    • Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
    • Social & Labor Convergence
    • Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)
    • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), etc.
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