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Environmental Risk & Resilience Consulting Services

Helping organizations complete business transactions, manage environmental liabilities, and maximize return on investment while minimizing risks.

Developing customized solutions, our expert consultants will help your organization minimize risks and become more resilient

Organizations adept at reducing environmental risks boost business competitiveness and brand reputation, saving both time and costs.

For projects large and small, in industries and geographies around the world, our team brings an invaluable skill set – the ability to apply technical solutions to solve operation and transactional challenges at the site or portfolio level.

We facilitate completion of business deals, restructuring, merger and acquisitions, and risk underwriting through development of proactive, cost-effective assessments, risk management strategies, and post-transaction implementation plans.

Thrive with environmental risk management and business resiliency support

Our tailored integrated delivery model supports businesses throughout the entire life cycle, from inception to closure or transformation.

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    Anticipating potential threats to business objectives with thorough risk assessments

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    Implementing robust strategies and measures to withstand risks, safeguarding operations, and assets

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    Effective response planning for post-event recovery, minimizing downtime, and restoring operations

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    Adapting flexible solutions to evolve with changing organizational conditions and processes

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    Ensuring the sustainability and continuity of systems and operations for long-term resilience

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    Supporting merger, acquisition, and divestiture due diligence to facilitate transactions

Our Experts

Decades of global environmental experience

Benefit from expert consultants who provide industry-specific strategic guidance to meet business goals and manage your EHS and sustainability risks.

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Daniel J. Smith, PE, Global Practice Director for Environmental
Our experts

Daniel J. Smith, PE, Global Practice Director for Environmental

Daniel has 30 years of experience in consulting, engineering, construction, remediation, and program risk management in the environmental industry.

Chad Mathews, Associate Director, specializing in EHS audit programs
Our experts

Chad Mathews, Associate Director, specializing in EHS audit programs

Chad has extensive experience helps demonstrate the value and benefits of managing EHS risks and performance through EHS audit programs.

Joan Underwood, Regional Practice Dir., specializing in site investigations
Our experts

Joan Underwood, Regional Practice Dir., specializing in site investigations

Joan is an expert in remediation program management, site investigations, forecasting liabilities, negotiations, and regulatory compliance.

Danielle Reilly, CIH, Senior VP for Environmental, Health, and Safety
Our experts

Danielle Reilly, CIH, Senior VP for Environmental, Health, and Safety

Danielle leads the EHS Consulting division and has experience supporting global clients in EHS and business strategy areas.

JD Gibbs, Associate Director, specializing in air permitting programs
Our experts

JD Gibbs, Associate Director, specializing in air permitting programs

JD provides strategic environmental consultation, project management, and regulatory support.

Martin Bermudez, Principal Consultant, specializing in risk mitigation
Our experts

Martin Bermudez, Principal Consultant, specializing in risk mitigation

Martin offers tailored risk mitigation solutions and is an expert in regulatory compliance, biosafety, and hazardous materials management.

Our Process

Our proven approach to solving risk management challenges

We employ a systematic and strategic process that leverages our experience to think outside the box to creatively solve industry challenges.

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Define goals, drivers, and desired endpoint

Understanding desired outcomes is the key to effective risk management. We tailor our strategy to align with our clients' goals.
By staying on the critical path to meet objectives, we eliminate extraneous information to reduce risks and costs.

Detailed data review and evaluation to prioritize risks

After understanding objectives, we collect and review available information to identify data gaps and the strategy to address those gaps.

Focusing attention on areas where we can most effectively reduce risk, we maximize return on investment.

Identify and evaluate options to mitigate risks

We devise "what if" scenarios, pinpoint risks, and craft strategies to safeguard stakeholder interests.
Our method blends qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, to generate information our clients can use to achieve positive outcomes.

Implement chosen risk management strategy

After reaching consensus with our clients, we support implementation of the agreed upon strategy.
We support stakeholders with data management, real-time technical consultation, cost estimation, and regulatory liaison services.

Track progress toward desired endpoints

We work with clients to identify appropriate KPIs and track work to ensure we focus on desired objectives.

We assist with change management to optimize efficiencies and consistently look for opportunities to streamline operations.


Customized training solutions

Customized training solutions to maximize effectiveness and compliance offered through live, instructor-led, computer-based, or hybrid approaches.

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Covering a spectrum of scenarios in a variety of formats

Instructors combine technical expertise, first-hand industry knowledge, and innovative delivery methods for a dynamic learning experience.

Diverse consulting training exercise

Incorporate our tailored options and exercise solutions across varying levels of complexity from discussion-based, through functional, to full-scale.

Training Development

We send experts to understand your specific training needs, ensuring precise solutions.

Empower your workforce

Enable a culture of learning and development to address knowledge gaps and personal development for workforce retention.

Tailored by Sector

We partner with multiple industries to:

streamline operations, mitigate risks, engage stakeholders, with a culture of sustainability to drive long-term success and environmental stewardship.

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Professional services

This sector encompasses law firms / counsel, risk managers, insurance firms, private equity firms, and financial institutions.


The Biopharma sector includes medical drug research, development, production and distribution for curative and preventive care.


The Manufacturing sector transforms materials into new products and also includes repair, installation, and subcontracting for third parties.


The Healthcare sector comprises hospitals, inpatient services, specialty centers, physician offices, virtual care, and health plan programs.


The Technology sector encompasses companies in tech product/services R&D, manufacturing, software, social media, and IT services.

Built environment

This sector includes property developers, facility management companies, construction, and support organizations.

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Leveraging 100+ years of practical insight and experience, our risk mitigation solutions help environmental and business transactional requirements.

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