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Internal Audit

Internal Audits That Mitigate Risk, Build Confidence and Power Progress

Mitigating organizational risks through a comprehensive review of your internal processes is critical to accelerating opportunity for your business.

A trusted partner to deliver your internal audit program

An internal audit can help your organization achieve its growth targets. By ensuring that your internal processes are harmonized with your corporate strategy and policies, your audit program can support you as you seek to lower operational risk, secure stakeholder trust and enhance your reputation for operational excellence.

Through our internal audit program, we help you strengthen governance, improve performance, protect data assets and contribute to building a sustainable future.

Two business people using a laptop together while sitting in a meeting

A comprehensive program with global reach and unrivaled expertise

Our auditors' insights will help you close your most critical gaps and build on your business strengths.

Whether your priorities lie in improving your delivery on ESG commitments, safeguarding your data assets or improving quality control processes, our expert team is ready to accelerate your progress with remote, hybrid or in-person audits, designed to meet your needs.

Empowering your organization to thrive as an industry leader

Our data-driven internal audits help drive your continuous success as we support your business with proven expertise and a collaborative approach.

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    Localized knowledge and support sensitive to your particular business needs.

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    Save time and money by outsourcing your internal audit program.

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    An independent, objective review from recognized, global and trusted audit experts.

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    Access to remote and hybrid audit solutions, plus data-driven insight.

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    Comprehensive service with teamwork and partnership at its core.

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    An internal audit program powered by our proprietary technology.


Answering your questions about internal audits

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  • An audit program of your organization's sites, processes, systems and/or compliance against a criteria defined or selected by your organization.

  • The scope of an internal audit depends on your requirements and the audit’s objectives.

    Internal audits cover all aspects of an organization’s operations. This can encompass compliance with laws and regulations, internal controls, risk management, or the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

    Partner with us to create a tailored solution
    • We partner to understand your strategic objectives, risk, and risk appetite.
    • We define best practices by establishing audit tools, competencies and deliverables, aligned to meet your needs.
    • We collect your data and measure against best practices.
    • We provide tailored, risk-based and continuous insight at the depth and pace of your choice across multiple sites and geographies, accommodating for local language and culture.
    • Our Connect tools enable you to collect, analyze and review data to drive business improvement, uncover opportunities, build trust and accelerate progress.
  • A hybrid audit program combines physical face-to-face audits, remote audits and integrated technology.

    • A more streamlined process
    • Reduce emissions and carbon footprint
    • Broader global access
    • Improved efficiency, productivity and well-being
    • More seamless audit process
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