Business Continuity Planning

The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) programs developed by BSI EHS Services and Solutions incorporate the best of traditional recovery planning disciplines and modernize them through an enterprise-wide approach that focuses on the true business processes of the enterprise rather than on the organization's technology.

Business Continuity Planning Program

Our Continuity Planning programs assist clients in:

  • Identifying and validating the current state of the business and infrastructure;
  • Identifying and prioritizing time-critical business processes;
  • Addressing business, information technology and crisis continuity planning initiatives;
  • Identifying the threats and risks to the business and infrastructure and cost effective controls to mitigate those risks;
  • Assisting in the identification and acquisition of continuity resources;
  • Exercising the resulting plan to train management and employees on their roles in the event of a disaster or emergency; and
  • Measuring the quality of the program to ensure it continues to meet the business and infrastructure needs of the client.

BCP clients

We currently provide Continuity Planning services to all industry groups with a special emphasis on the technology, media and telecommunications; healthcare and life sciences; food and beverage; and transportation industries.

Services overview

Our business process approach to Continuity Planning is reflected in the following high-level methodology:

  • Current State Assessment/Benchmarking
  • Threat and Risk Analysis
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Program and Plan Development and Enhancement
  • Crisis Management and Communication Planning
  • Workplace Violence Planning
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Testing and Training

How we help

Far too often, “BCP” implementation is treated as an academic exercise designed to produce documentation. And far too often, that documentation is viewed as less than valuable, and so quickly becomes obsolete… and the cycle continues. Our goal is to help clients institutionalize a culture of preparedness and develop the tools to support that culture.

A truly effective program is about connecting with the organizational culture, engaging stakeholders, building support, and creating institutional knowledge; all of which takes expertise and creativity. Our project teams have been delivering BCP services for over 25 years, using a variety of engaging solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We are in tune with what it takes to make a business continuity program effective and sustainable, and are committed to applying that expertise to the benefit of our clients.