Ergonomics Services

We are a leader in providing efficient, cost effective and value-added ergonomics programs customized to meet clients’ business objectives and organizational culture.

Ergonomics Program Development

We approach ergonomics from a risk management perspective – quantifying ergonomic risk, and then developing an implementation plan which includes simple but efficient solutions that can have the most immediate impact on reducing those risks.

We look at ergonomics from a high level perspective, helping companies to identify ergonomic challenges that impact not only individuals who step forward to request evaluations, but that can also be resolved by implementing a program to proactively reduce ergonomic risk throughout the company. By addressing ergonomics at the organizational level, we can positively impact more people at a lower per-employee cost.

How we help

We use technology – like online evaluations – to provide consistent, efficient, and detailed data collection, reports and ordering instructions or vendor information. Our staff includes all skill levels – from Board Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPEs) and expert consultants and design engineers to junior staff – allowing us to utilize the right people and resources appropriate to the task.

We’ll show you how ergonomics can not only reduce injuries, but how it can positively impact cycle time and productivity, improve quality through reduced errors, and reduce turnover and absenteeism. Plus, we can help you tie ergonomics into your company’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives and provide the metrics for use in your CSR reporting.

Finally, because we have expertise in the full range of corporate environmental, health, safety and sustainability fields, our ergonomics team can provide insights into other workplace safety issues. We also have experienced collaborating effectively with internal EHS staff, and understanding how ergonomics fits into a company’s financial, organizational and cultural needs, challenges and goals.