For over 25 years BSI EHS Services and Solutions has been providing environmental, health and safety (EHS) management and technical solutions to organizations in all sectors of the energy industry -- oil and gas, solar, alternative fuels and energy storage -- and throughout the world, helping them to evaluate risks and build systems that address those risks in a proactive manner.

Energy expertise

Our expertise in auditing, risk assessment, management systems design and implementation, and training enables us to help identify risks before they become major safety and compliance issues. Our customized risk management solutions:

  • increase EHS awareness,
  • decrease accident and injury rates,
  • increase productivity, and
  • improve employees’ knowledge about your company’s EHS priorities.

We have unique depth of experience working with a wide range contracted firms and outsourced personnel – drilling contractors, engineering companies, hazmat and chemical suppliers, waste management firms, equipment and materials supplier – who service the energy industry.

On behalf of owners we work with their contractors devising protocols, training, auditing and monitoring programs to ensure that owners’ potential liabilities – safety, environmental and financial – are minimized and their reputations safeguarded. Or we can act as an Owner’s Representative, providing construction safety management on a wide range of oil, gas, solar, wind or other projects.

And when retained directly by contactors, we help them meet customers’ most stringent and ever changing requirements to preserve vital business relationships.

BSI EHS Services and Solutions specializes in determining and obtaining the 
appropriate authorization mechanism for emissions from your facility or new 
project, whether on-site registration of exempt sources or full NSR/PSD/Title V 
permitting of major sources.
 Permitting strategies are developed to enhance the value of the permit by 
increasing operational flexibility, minimizing recordkeeping and reducing 
amendment triggers.
 Our consultants are experts who have permitted in many states across the 
US and internationally.
 Our air consultants provide public relations, meeting, and hearing support 
as expert witnesses.
 We take into consideration our clients’ culture at permit issuance and 
provide the support needed to ensure ongoing compliance.
 Time is money – automated reporting saves both, and we have developed 
simple solutions to enhance compliance status.

How we help

We can provide consultants and staff who bring specialized expertise and valuable depth of industry experience to work with clients on an outsourced basis. And we can extend our capabilities through a proven, dependable network of partners who enable us to provide the same high level of knowledge and service from off shore Alaska and the California coast to the shale plains of the Dakotas and Appalachians and the Gulf of Mexico.