Construction EHS Services

Our construction safety consultants help clients develop a construction safety culture that improves safety performance, increases knowledge of safe practices, reduces risk to workers in all phases of the construction project, and protects the project’s bottom line.

How we help

With over 25 years of proven construction safety leadership, BSI EHS Services and Solutions provides construction safety management, operational construction safety consulting, training services, and on-site support to construction projects of all sizes.

Beyond compliance-based training, we also offer Injury Free Environment training and implementation, accident and incident investigation training, and training for field safety staff and managers.

Our consultants can offer a unique “turnkey” approach that manages all aspects of the Safety Manager function. Or, we can augment your existing team, providing third-party oversight and assessment of safety processes and programs on the construction site.

Our team of highly-skilled construction safety consultants is available to provide on-site support, in a full- or part-time capacity, to supplement existing staff or lead delivery of new construction safety initiatives – without investing in permanent headcount.