Notes From the Summit: Trust Amongst the Digital Chaos

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December 1, 2022 - Trust is built in drops and lost in buckets. Today, digital chaos is relentless. It introduces both threats to and opportunities for businesses the world over. Privacy and data governance are not only crucial elements for building and sustaining digital trust but also in protecting an organization’s information and resilience.

The concept of trust is not necessarily a new one, and it’s a topic every organization will face at some point if it hasn’t already. From our health to our finances and our business dealings, everything today is digital, making it extremely important that organizations take an active role in protecting their digital assets.

The true value of respecting privacy, protecting data, managing cybersecurity threats, and putting all these tasks at the core of your organization’s strategy, culture, and values, is that you can separate yourself from the competition. This builds and sustains trust amongst your customer base, in your brand, and within your information supply chain.

As organizational resilience has become a top priority within the C-suite, it’s important to extend that reach into our interconnected and digital world. I tend to distill the requirements for organizational resilience and separate them into three functional domains: product excellence or process reliability, people’s behaviors both internally and externally (e.g., your supply chain), and finally, the ability to succeed in the face of digital chaos. Addressing those three elements is essential for the long-term success of an organization.

Digital organizational resilience can allow leaders to take measured risks with confidence, knowing that they have the foundation and capability to quickly respond to any disruption.

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