BSI and Ecometrica launch tool to help organizations manage ESG reporting needs

The platform can help organizations better meet EU or SEC reporting rules

Herndon, VA & Montréal, Québec, Canada – BSI, the business improvement and standards company and a leading provider of environmental consulting, and Ecometrica, a leading provider of climate and sustainability metrics software solutions, have launched a new tool to ensure organizations can comply with global sustainability reporting requirements more easily.

Connect Climate, which adds new functionality to the existing BSI Connect software platform, is designed to enable organizations to capture critical data in real-time and support growing Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and greenhouse gas (GHG) management needs.

The tool is a comprehensive data-driven information and workflow platform that supports coordinated company accounting of sustainability impacts for public ESG reporting. It is designed to support organizations of all sizes and at all stages of the ESG journey with the ongoing management and improvement of their value chain.

Connect Climate can help organizations:

  • Efficiently gather business activity information from their sites and suppliers to better understand their entire value chain.
  • Meet reporting of Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG activity data and emissions calculations
  • Develop Carbon Reduction Management Plans
  • Engage suppliers in reducing their own GHG emissions

Connect Climate is built on the BSI Connect system, a comprehensive software solution supporting over 70,000 sites and suppliers around the world. It is powered by Ecometrica's comprehensive global emission factors database and smart calculation engine, which also powers the award-winning Ecometrica Platform. BSI Connect is also supported by a range of BSI resources and content and by BSI’s team of sustainability experts, who can assist clients in developing their ESG reporting and GHG programs, including to account for all 15 categories of the more complex Scope 3 GHG emissions.

BSI and Ecometrica have developed Connect Climate to equip organizations to address the impact of their operations on the climate crisis, and in light of legislative and social requirements for them to measure and report their impact. This includes regulations like the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the pending SEC climate risk reporting.

Sergio Nogueira, Group Director, Consulting Services, BSI, said: "BSI is proud to be partnering with Ecometrica to help organizations play their part in accelerating progress towards a sustainable future for the long-term benefit of people and planet. This new tool can help build trust in organizations as they accelerate progress on their sustainability journey.”

Ryan Lynch, Practice Director for Sustainability, BSI, said: “Organizations have the opportunity to take action to address the impacts of the changing climate, including in response to expectations from shareholders, customers, consumers and regulators. This is having a knock-on effect on what they are looking to measure and report on GHGs and beyond.

“Connect Climate offers the potential to enable organizations to quickly and accurately gather and report their GHG emissions. From there, our team of climate experts can use that foundation of data to develop carbon reduction plans and supplier engagement programs to help organizations evolve beyond reporting today’s impacts to become leaders in the transition to a clean energy economy.”

Vanessa Boudreau-Sannier, CEO of Ecometrica, North America, added, “The current global pressures on companies for climate and sustainability disclosures are driving the need for enhanced accuracy and transparency in sustainability impact and risk accounting and reporting. Companies need to ensure their processes and tools can deliver reliable metrics efficiently in order to comply. Ecometrica has been offering best-in-class, financial-grade sustainability and climate accounting solutions to regulated and unregulated markets for over fifteen years, with a mission to efficiently deliver the robustness and transparency necessary for organizations to report and act with confidence on their climate impacts and risks.

“We’re thrilled to bring our deep climate expertise to BSI’s customers through Connect Climate. Powered by Ecometrica and its smart calculation engine and comprehensive emissions factors database and supported by BSI’s expert consultants, Connect Climate can significantly help companies not only comply with disclosure requirements but also reduce their climate change impacts."

For more information on BSI Connect Climate, and a free demonstration, visit: BSI Connect Climate | BSI (

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About Ecometrica

Ecometrica is a market-leading sustainability software company that has been offering best-in-class climate accounting and reporting solutions to comply with voluntary and mandatory requirements since 2008. The Ecometrica Platform was built from the ground up by subject-matter experts who have delivered thousands of assessments and contributed to making the practice of greenhouse gas accounting the robust mission-critical practice it is today. Its modules cover a range of metrics including GHG emissions, ESG, TCFD, BI, Deforestation, Biodiversity, and are offered both directly to organizations and via the “Powered by Ecometrica” partnership program, in order to help bring robust, accurate and transparent solutions to as many organizations as possible.

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