Hybrid audit program

Hybrid audit program

Now is the time to reimagine auditing and testing

Now is the time to reimagine auditing and testing

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Hybrid audit programme
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We overcame challenges that were previously unimaginable. Traditional approaches were adapted, pilot programs accelerated and proven successfully. The hybrid audit program increases the value of auditing and testing, addressing traditional challenges and paradigms.

This program, designed to meet the new ways of working for our clients, enables organizations to realize time efficiencies through more rigorous and detailed planning in advance, minimize unexpected disruptions, optimize and consolidate insights, and reduce their carbon footprint-all at a global level. We intentionally plan your hybrid audit experience to optimize your value with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

What is a hybrid audit program

Hybrid audit programs combine physical face-to-face audits, remote audits and integrated technology to optimize and deliver the best solutions for the client aligned with the new ways of working for our clients.

Hybrid audits have become increasingly popular thanks to their ability to provide a more sustainable, flexible, and streamlined approach to audit delivery.

The benefits of hybrid audit

  • A more streamlined process
  • Reduce emissions and carbon footprint
  • Broader global access
  • More seamless audit process
  • Improved efficiency, productivity and well being

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