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Cybersecurity (NIST, CISSP, CIPM) Training Courses

Obtain high-demand, industry-recognized professional certification training for cybersecurity, IT audit, and data privacy professionals.

Cybersecurity (NIST, CISSP, CIPM) Training Courses

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Become adept and certified in cybersecurity

Whether in-person or virtual, our live sessions use accelerated learning techniques, securing your thorough comprehension through interactive workshops and lectures. Discover our on-demand e-learnings and free webinars for flexible learning options.

We provide a range of accredited training courses that can help you get the knowledge and skills you need to build resilience around your information security and data management. Our courses are delivered by seasoned industry professionals with decades of real-world experience.

Get the required training for National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), CompTIA Security+, and other certifications.

Benefit from your commitment to cybersecurity

Professional certifications give you and your team members a competitive advantage by improving vital knowledge across the organization and maintaining credibility within your industry. They also add value to your organization and people, building a more effective workforce.

Protect your assets and customer information by learning security architecture, identity and access management, security assessments and testing, and data breach and incident planning. Developing and maintaining these specialized skills within your organization enhances better outcomes for new clients and projects.

Popular cybersecurity training courses

Our most popular courses are listed below with brief descriptions and links to our inquiry form or to the BSI Learning Marketplace for more details and to enroll.

  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework is designed to help organizations better understand, manage and reduce its cybersecurity risks. Determine which activities are most important to assure your critical operations and service delivery.

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  • This course will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to complete the CISSP exam. If you're building a career in information security, the CISSP is the must-have qualification to help you progress.

    Topics included:

    • Security and risk management
    • Asset security
    • Security architecture and engineering
    • Communications and network security
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Security assessment and testing
    • Security operations
    • software development security

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  • The CIPM equips you to develop, implement, and gauge a privacy program framework using the privacy operational lifecycle: access, protect, sustain, and respond. For those interested in a data protection and privacy career, this IAPP-certified CIPM course is vital for career improvement. As a globally recognized certification, it demonstrates your expertise as a data protection officer.

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  • Elevate your career with our CISM training course, expertly designed around the ISACA framework. Covering five key domains critical for a CISM, this course offers thorough insights into effective security management. CISM consistently ranks among the top-paying and most sought-after IT certifications, making this training an important step in your professional development. By taking this course, you'll enhance your skills and show that you have the expertise required for proficient security management and consulting services.

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  • Gain global recognition as a professional information systems expert by completing this CISA course. This course is based on the ISACA® framework and covers five domain areas applicable to the role of a CISA. You will acquire the knowledge, skills, and best practices necessary to effectively audit, control, and secure information systems. Once completed, you'll be prepared to take the ISACA® CISA exam.

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  • Security impacts every aspect of a business, not just the IT department. In addition to a firm's loss of income and employee productivity, a security breach can damage a company's reputation. Demonstrating your ability to stay ahead of evolving security challenges is a highly marketable skill in today’s job market. The CompTIA Security+ certification validates your in-depth knowledge of security, covering critical areas that go beyond technology alone.

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  • Developed by our leading Operational Technology (OT) experts, this OT security foundations course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the practical risks of an OT environment and the process and procedures to implement a strategy and architecture to mitigate the risks and ensure the ongoing safe and secure operation of the business.

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  • This OT Awareness briefing is aimed at providing an understanding of the security issues associated with these environments and to enable your organization to create and enhance your security culture. Get an introduction to OT security, why its important, and mitigation strategies to reduce risk for operators and engineers.

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  • The Operating Technology (OT) Incident Response Fundamentals course is designed to provide those at the practitioner or equivalent level with an understanding of the current cyber incident response challenges. Learn how to protect and support your organization's cyber incident response process and provide an understanding of the stages of the IR process, including what's required to create an effective IR plan (based upon the ICS4ICS processes). Students will receive template plans to complete and take with them.

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