Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

BSI provides clients a full range of Environmental and Safety Services ranging from simple site inspections, to detailed hazard analyses, personnel monitoring, managing remedial activities and documenting final cleanup.

Our services related to environmental site assessment and remediation include:

Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation (Phase I, II, III)

Property Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) can involve three Phases, determined by the property type, location, size, its intended and past use, and availability of property records.

ESA Phase I—Identifying Environmental Concerns During Phase I, a determination is made on the environmental conditions of the property, with a thorough onsite inspection, documentation log with photographs, meetings with any relevant parties and a review of pertinent records of property former use. BSI provides the client with a comprehensive written report following the evaluation.

ESA Phase II—Environmental Sampling Based on the determination of Phase I investigation, Phase II would follow with samples taken at the site to farther evaluate the potential hazard(s). BSI provides a complete report explaining the sampling rationale, procedures, and the review of analytical results. At this point, any recommendation on remediation would be made if necessary.

ESA Phase III—Environmental Remediation Phase III addresses the remediation of the property. BSI would design and manage the implementation of remediation, monitor compliance protocol.

Remediation Project Management

To minimize potential liabilities and the possibility of creating hazardous health conditions, BSI provides project monitors and third party air sampling services for abatement projects.

BSI acts on behalf of the client to see the project through completion and to ensure, that it is performed in accordance with the design/engineering specifications and all applicable federal, state and local regulations.