SEMI Energetics EHS Task Force, Led by BSI Consultants, Recognized by ASSE with Annual Award for Innovation at Safety 2016 Conference

BSI’s Andrew McIntyre and Steve Trammell Lead Task Force in Development of New Semiconductor Industry Safety Guideline

June 27, 2016

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA – At today’s Opening General Session of the ASSE Professional Development Conference Safety 2016, the annual Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management was presented to the SEMI Energetics EHS Task Force for their innovation titled "Developing International Risk Control Guidance for Use of Energetic Materials".

Steven TrammelLed by BSI EHS Services and Solutions Executive Vice President and Managing Principal Andrew McIntyre, and BSI Principal Consultant Steve Trammell, the Task Force has been engaged in a multi-year initiative to develop global industry safety guidelines to address new hazards resulting from changing manufacturing processes, chemistries and materials used in the semiconductor and related industries.

"Steve and I are honored to receive this award on behalf of the entire Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Energetics EHS Task Force," McIntyre stated, "who worked over the last two years on developing a comprehensive best practices EHS guideline for energetic materials. This will provide additional risk control measures to protect personnel and facilities, and provide responsible environmental stewardship in the semiconductor and related industries."

Presented by the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and sponsored by Cintas, the award "recognizes those who bring innovation and creativity to managing safety in the workplace" says the ASSE, as well as "developing new ideas to address emerging hazards and combat legacy hazards."

James H. (Jim) Morris III, chair of the 5-member Innovation Award judging panel, stated in a recent interview about the award, "innovation is something that is a fresh idea, program or even equipment that protects people, property and the environment. One of the most important (criteria) is the breadth and scope of who this affects. One big question we ask is: Is this something that has or can have a positive impact on a lot of people?"

"This award recognizes a genuine global group effort," explains Trammell, "which required tremendous investment, support and commitment on the part of leading semiconductor device, equipment and materials manufacturers. We look forward to these guidelines having a positive and lasting impact on workplace safety throughout the industry."

ASSE 2016 Award

Jessica Ellison, M.S., CPE, CSP and Principal Consultant with BSI EHS Services and Solutions, together with Andrea McNair, M.S. CIH, CSP, CHMM, EHS Engineer with Tokyo Electron and key member of the EHS Task Force, accepted the award on behalf of the entire task force at the Safety 2016 Opening General Session.


About the SEMI Energetics EHS Task Force Innovation

Global demands for advanced semiconductor devices have resulted in development of new processes and materials, which in turn have required new chemistries, some – referred to as energetic materials – with highly dangerous and reactive properties. A global effort was initiated by International SEMATECH in 2012 to develop best known methods to guide manufacturing facilities operators, as well as equipment and materials suppliers, in the safe use of these chemistries.

Using incident surveys and hazard analysis studies, the International SEMATECH group initially developed a Best Known Methods (BKM) document, together with a Supplier Expectations Letter, which were distributed and accompanied by a series of technical workshops attended by most major global semiconductor manufacturers and their chemical and equipment supply chains.

In early 2013 International SEMATECH began meeting with representatives from the SEMITM Standards EHS Technical Committee and the World Semiconductor Council to review efforts to date, gather additional inputs, and further establish industry best practice risk controls.

In July of 2013, Andrew McIntyre, CIH and Steve Trammell, P.E., CHMM of BSI EHS Services and Solutions , representing the International SEMATECH energetic materials project team, proposed formation of a SEMI Task Force, to further develop industry guidelines for handling, storage, transportation, use and disposal of energetic materials and their byproducts. The task force was approved by SEMI, with McIntyre and Trammell nominated and approved as co‐leaders of this task force.

Since that time, draft guidelines have been submitted, received comments, updated and undergone multiple rounds of technical industry review in preparation for final voting and anticipated adoption by SEMI in June/July of 2016.