Counterfeit products bear the brand or trade name of legitimate goods but violate trademark and intellectual property rights laws.

Product counterfeiting and adulteration pose a major threat in a number of industries with the effects ranging from inconvenience and frustration to illness and death. High-end electronics, pharmaceutical, luxury apparel, and automotive and aerospace companies are plagued by counterfeit products due to short supply and higher profit margin. Some brands have lost their value and brand differentiation because the marketplace has become saturated with knock-offs and counterfeit goods.

Counterfeit production is a worldwide problem. In an effort to thwart counterfeiting, companies must have solid control over the chain of custody within their global supply chain. Knowing your suppliers and how they operate, as well as ensuring adherence to rigid production standards that have been established are key to reducing the risk of adulteration and safeguarding the authenticity of your products.