Certified Lead SCADA Security Professional training course

With the high-profile nature and significant impacts associated with SCADA systems and environments, a professional approach to security is needed. And that's where our Certified Lead SCADA Security Professional course can help.

This five-day training course will enable you to develop the expertise to plan, design, and implement an effective program to protect SCADA systems. You'll gain an understanding of common Industrial Control Systems (ICS) threats, vulnerabilities, and risks, and how they can be managed.

By attending this course you'll gain the knowledge and skills to advise on, or manage, risks related to SCADA environments and systems as a qualified professional. On successful completion of the PECB exam that takes place on the final day of this course, you'll gain Certified Lead SCADA Security Professional status.

Duration: 5 days

Price: $2,750

To register or for more information, contact us.

Who should attend?

  • Security professionals interested in gaining SCADA security skills
  • IT staff looking to enhance their technical skills and knowledge
  • IT and risk managers who need a more detailed understanding of ICS and SCADA systems
  • SCADA system developers
  • SCADA engineers and operators
  • SCADA IT personnel

What will I learn?

This course provides you with the professional knowledge to effectively implement a security program for SCADA/ICS systems, including:

  • Introduction to SCADA and ICS with fundamental principles
  • Designing a security program and network security architecture
  • Implementing ICS security controls, incident management, and business continuity
  • Security testing of SCADA systems

How will I benefit?

  • You'll be able to explain the purpose and risks to SCADA systems, distributed control systems, and programmable logic controllers
  • You'll understand the risks faced by these environments and the appropriate approaches to manage such risks
  • Gain the expertise to support a SCADA security program, including policies and vulnerability management
  • Be able to define and design a network architecture that incorporates in-depth defence security controls for SCADA
  • You'll be able to explain the relationship between management, operational and technical controls in a SCADA security program
  • Improved ability to design resilient, high availability SCADA systems
  • Confidently manage a program of effective security testing activities

What's included?

  • Lunch (classroom only)
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Official PECB exam on the final day
  • A certificate of attendance