End-user Security Awareness

Employees are often the weakest link in an organization’s security posture, with breaches increasingly being traced back to employee behaviour.

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity training are not sufficient in today’s changing work environment. Dull videos, lengthy PowerPoint presentations and even classroom sessions fail to provide the level of knowledge retention needed to protect your employees and the organization.

According to research, 91% of cyber-attacks start with a phishing email. We implement robust, agile and compliant training modules and courses to ensure that your weakest link can become your strongest asset in remaining vigilant and resilient to the omnipresent threats.

We offer a range of on-site security awareness training programmes to promote changes in employees’ security attitudes and behaviour. Our on-site training demonstrates cyber-attacks and social engineering, focusing on how individual efforts are the difference between improving overall information security in an organization, or possibly exposing the organization to potentially devastating risks.