Druva - cloud and endpoint backup

Druva is harnessing the power of the public cloud to transform data availability and governance, reducing the risk, effort and cost of managing business critical information. Data is captured once as backup, and made usable for multiple data protection challenges, including: restores, disaster recovery, search, compliance and information governance.

We call this approach "Converged Data Protection."

Get more from your data

By converging data availability and governance workloads in a single platform, Druva increases the utility of an organization’s data for use by IT, Information Security, Litigation Support and Compliance Officers.

Whether for unstructured data such as end user data residing on laptops, mobile devices and in cloud services, such as Office 365, or for structured data residing on servers, Druva solutions let organizations efficiently and cost effectively protect, preserve and discover their data. 

Druva Overview

Druva product suite

The Druva product can be broken down into two streams - Druva inSync and Druva Phoenix.

How Druva works

Druva’s converged data protection platform is built on top of public cloud infrastructures like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure and acts like a distributed file system providing a centralized store of data that can be accessed by any number of applications that leverage a common architecture, user interface and security model.

  • Global deduplication

Druva deduplicates data at the block level globally across all devices, so that only a unique data block is sent to and stored within the Druva system, reducing bandwidth and storage consumption.

  • Comprehensive security and privacy framework

Multi-layered approach with unique envelope based encryption model and advanced data scrambling ensures your data is only accessible by your company.

  • 100% elastic, proven scalability

Druva’s distributed cloud file system handles parallel workloads with uncompromised throughput and speed.

  • Comprehensive protection of corporate data

Druva software leverages the public cloud infrastructure and features numerous industry and government certifications.

Druva Diagram

Learn more about Druva

There are a number of ways you can find out more about how Druva can benefit your organization. 

View an on-demand demonstration and learn how Druva helps enterprises reclaim control of their end user data residing on mobile devices and in cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 (OneDrive and Exchange Online), Google Apps for Work (Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs), and Box .


  • See how a single dashboard for backup, availability, and governance that converges end-user data across laptops, mobile devices, and cloud apps works
  • Get an in-depth look at product admin consoles and client UIs for backup, persona migration, DLP, proactive compliance, and more
  • Find out if Druva inSync is right for you


Learn why more than 4,000 customers all over the world rely on Druva to address their data availability and governance needs.

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View a quick tour of Druva to learn more about this solution. 

inSync provides converged data protection for today’s mobile workforce. For IT, inSync offers rich solutions like mobile data backup, data loss prevention, and tamper-proof audit trails for eDiscovery. For end users, inSync provides self-restore capabilities and anytime, anywhere, any device access and sharing.

> View the virtual tour here

Take a no obligation free trial of Druva to see how it works and what it can do for your organization. 

Try the industry’s best end-user data protection solution:

  • High performance backup and recovery for mobile and cloud data
  • Complete mobile and cloud data protection for secure enterprise mobility
  • Enterprise-grade security with encryption and certification
  • Full data visibility and federated search for data governance
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device data access and file sharing

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