BSI Connect Screen

BSI Connect Screen

Unleash your supply chain's true potential utilizing our risk intelligence and supplier management platform.

Unleash your supply chain's true potential utilizing our risk intelligence and supplier management platform.

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BSI Connect Screen
BSI Connect Screen
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BSI Connect Screen

Take control of your supply chain with BSI Connect Screen, the ultimate integrated platform revolutionizing risk management. Experience data-driven power as we focus on the globe's biggest threats, helping organizations build trust and resilience. With our vast proprietary database, spanning 200+ countries and 26 risk ratings. In addition, we've harnessed geographic risk data and real-time analysis to provide visibility and compliance tracking. No more guesswork—focus on the critical challenges that matter most.

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How BSI Connect Screen can help

BSI Connect Screen is used by importers, manufacturers, governments and associations to quantify the risk of supply chain incidents globally. Our unique blend of risk intelligence and supplier audit management tools deliver scalable, flexible and robust functionality that is leveraged by global security, business continuity / resilience, environmental health and safety, global social responsibility/sustainability leaders, and many more.

Through the risk intelligence and supplier management platform, BSI Connect Screen allows you to:

  • Protect your brand reputation
  • Mitigate supply chain risk
  • Protect shareholder value
  • Achieve transparency of your supply chain
  • Get your cargo through border security faster with CTPAT Certification


BSI Connect Screen subscriptions

  • BSI Connect Screen news

    BSI Connect SCREEN news

  • BSI Connect Screen Intelligence

    BSI Connect SCREEN Intelligence

  • BSI Connect Screen Edge

    BSI Connect SCREEN Edge

BSI Connect Screen News

Our introductory-level subscription is an ideal starting point for supply chain risk news and a trusted source of risk intelligence.

Features include:

  • Supply chain intelligence articles
  • Interactive news filters
  • Special risk reports
  • Personalized daily intelligence email updates

BSI Connect Screen Intelligence

Our Screen Intelligence subscription is designed for supply chain professionals looking to leverage our team of analysts to stay ahead of risk with our predictive analytics and best practice recommendations.

Screen Intelligence provides comprehensive analysis on global disruptions, trends, and incident data to create customized points of interest and alerts on issues that can compromise the integrity of your supply chain.

Screen Intelligence includes all the features of Screen News plus:

  • Choice of 4 modules including associated threat variables – security, business continuity, csr/sustainability, food
  • Quarterly intelligence reviews
  • Comprehensive risk reports, articles and insights
  • Global interactive risk mapping
  • Active monitoring on points of interest
  • Country risk profiles containing the current supply chain trends

BSI Connect Screen Edge

Our premium Screen Edge subscription unlocks supply chain resilience. It can be adapted to mitigate risk and provide clear line of sight across your supply chain. Screen Edge combines the features of the Screen Intelligence with our powerful supplier compliance management solution into one comprehensive view that takes into consideration geographic and site risk.

  • All Screen articles, intelligence, news, in-depth special reports and country reports
  • Personalized intelligence alerts
  • Manage and review supplier audits: self-assessment, internal or externally facilitated audits
  • View supplier risk mapping
  • Supplier audits and self-assessments using pre-built or custom templates
  • Manage corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
  • Notifications when suppliers complete and submit audits or CAPAs
  • Assess supply chain audit risks with infused intelligence
  • BSI threat ratings based on selected module
  • Access to BSI supply chain incident data and trend analysis
  • Seamless communication with global suppliers through automatic translations
  • Dashboards to track supplier compliance
  • Set KPIs, risk ratings and compliance metrics
  • Access to BSI intelligence analysts and supply chain analysts