Building Information Modelling

BIM and ISO 19650 Training

BIM and ISO 19650 Training

Our online qualifications and training courses help you be more efficient.

Our online qualifications and training courses help you be more efficient.

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Building Information Modelling
Building Information Modelling
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will deliver all scheduled courses online until 28 August

BIM training courses

BIM Fundamentals >

The aim of this course is to raise awareness of, and to explain the basic principles of BIM. This will enable delegates to understand the concepts of BIM and how the UK is building its capability and approach to deliver “BIM Level 2”. It also provides an introduction to the more detailed BSI courses which focus on specific aspects of “BS EN ISO 19650” and the UK PAS 1192 series.

2 days classroom based training course

Strategic Implementation >

This course will help you to implement the benefits of digitization, lean and collaborative approaches in the delivery and use of built assets. It will also provide an introduction to ISO 19650, the two-part standard for building information modelling (BIM), and collaborative working.

1 day course

Strategic understanding of BIM >

To give construction project and built asset decision makers a strategic understanding of the business case and other benefits of BIM to their organization, their clients/stakeholders and supply chains. To convey the importance of establishing clear purposes/use cases for BIM and enacting these through clear processes and information requirements.

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BIM Masterclass options

BIM BS 1192 Part 4: Handover Information Exchange  >

This course will help you in obtaining the benefits of the UK use of COBie as the digital information exchange between design/supply chain and the client/operator. Along with an introduction to BS 1192 and collaborative working.

This course also highlights the importance of clear Asset Information Requirements and a checkable digital Plan of Work.

1 day classroom based training