Standards related training

We provide a comprehensive, global range of training courses in the understanding, use, implementation, auditing and certification of standards.

We are one of the world’s foremost (and first) standards development bodies and provide training and advice on how to develop standards, how to implement them and how to encourage their use all over the world. 

Four stage approach to standards and management system training: 

  1. Introduction to and use of a standard

    These courses provide you with all the essential information you need to understand the standard and its relevance and application to you and your organization.  Courses range from basic knowledge to a more in-depth understanding of standards and their potential use and benefits. Some courses lead to industry recognized qualifications.

  2. Implementation of a standard

    Highly practical courses for implementing a particular standard in your business and getting the most from it. 

  3. Internal auditor for the standard

    These courses give you the skills and knowledge to successfully conduct internal audits on your compliance to your chosen standards. They are particularly suitable for managers responsible for the maintenance and management of a standard.  

  4. Lead auditor for the standard

    Designed for both external auditors and internal auditors who want to take their skills and understanding to the next level. The courses provide delegates with the essential knowledge and skills needed to lead an audit.

    They provide internal managers with a detailed understanding of the external audit process and give invaluable insights into how your company can get the most from the auditing and certification process. Many of our lead auditor courses are accredited with international bodies, such as IRCA and RABQSA, and involve a detailed assessment at the end which leads to certification.