Multi-site Certification

Is my organization eligible for a multi-site certificate?

In order to qualify for multi-site certification, you must first designate a central office or primary site from which your organization’s processes will be centrally controlled. These controls must include the same:

  • Internal audit process
  • Compliance evaluation process
  • Measurements for continual improvement
  • One or more centrally monitored corrective action systems
  • Management review

Once you’ve consolidated your corporate management system and designated a primary site, you must decide which type of certification suits your organization best — with sampling or without sampling. If your organization meets specific criteria, then BSI will only need to audit a sample of your sites each year, instead of auditing each site every year. 

Learn more about multi-site certification and whether or not your organization is ready.

What are the benefits of a multi-site certificate?

  • Continually improve risk and opportunity management
  • Ensure consistency in processes and procedures
  • Streamline operations and facilitate management
  • Strengthen marketing position
  • Conserve valuable resources