Why management system certification

Management systems allow organizations to meet challenges by instilling best practices and validating, through certification, that they are properly established in the company.

Every business has three basic challenges that threaten their success: 

  • Comply with customer requirements, standards and regulations
  • Protect the organization through embedding quality and best practices
  • Achieve customer satisfaction and increase revenue 

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What should organizations look for in a certification provider

Not all certification services are the same. Organizations need to look for providers which: 

  • Are independently certified by a recognized accreditation body, like ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board)
  • Employ auditors with proven expertise, extensive experience and industry-specific knowledge
  • Have strong local capacity
  • Understand the industry, the territory and the challenges to effectively assess an organization’s conformance to the spirit and the letter of management system standards