BSI Compliance Manager

Having a full and clear view of your organization's audit activities is an essential part of implementing a successful business improvement program. Without a centralized, automated solution for managing audits, organizations often struggle to pull together audit related activities, monitor trends and gain a true picture of performance across the organization.

Compliance Manager is a cloud based solution, which provides market leading support for managing, monitoring and reporting your audit activities. Delivered on a flexible, scalable and secure platform, Compliance Manager provides a powerful but easy to use solution that delivers significant advantages and cost benefits over traditional systems.

Compliance Management Module

Effective and efficient audit management

Compliance Manager improves your audit processes by:

  • Automating the scheduling and assignment of audits
  • Notifying staff when audits are required
  • Enabling recording of any finding type (including non-conformities, opportunities for improvements, customer complaints etc)
  • Providing tools for:
    • investigating non-conformities
    • establishing and recording root causes
    • ensuring timely corrective action is taken
    • displaying audit status and results
    • creating custom reports


Compliance Manager can be used to support the following audit types:

  • Gap Analysis for corporate policies, procedures and standards
  • Assessing compliance to international standards, such as ISO and OHSAS
  • The ability to create checklist, questionnaire and process style audits for Kitemark, CE, Factory Production Control, Facilities Management and Site Inspections
  • Auditing social, ethical, and contractual compliance in your supply chain
  • Internal and external audits