ISO 9001 Pathway Training Programs

What is our pathway training program?

Our combined training and gap assessment program will get your organization in the best possible shape to implement and operate ISO 9001:2015 and independently assess how ready it is for certification.

It starts with a comprehensive briefing and training program to ensure that your entire team - from senior management to individual project team members - are competent to manage and operate the new standard to the highest level. It then allows time for your team to implement the new processes and systems of the standard and audit how effective they are using their new skills and expertise.

Finally, once your team is confident they have done their best to embed ISO 9001:2015, BSI will send an independent assessor to conduct a gap assessment and provide feedback on your readiness for certification. The program is carried out at your convenience, at a location of your choice, including all the personnel you require to manage, implement and operate the standard in one go - significantly reducing overall costs.

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ISO 9001:2015 Best Practice Program for New Customers

ISO 9001:2015 Best Practice Transition Program