Maintaining your ISO 9001 system

As a BSI client, you can access a number of resources designed to help you get the most out of your certification. You will receive regular updates on the latest developments in standard and management systems, as well as our training courses and events. The support you receive from your client manager will continue, alongside business reviews to help your organization maintain its competitive edge and continually improve. 

Use the BSI Certification Mark

Our clients can use the BSI Certification Mark to demonstrate certification and best practice. You will also be listed in our global client directory, joining more than 80,000 certified clients who have already benefited from using the BSI Certification Mark.  

Integrate to keep getting better

Now that your quality management system is certified to ISO 9001, you can use your quality management knowledge to improve other areas of your organization. Many standards follow the same requirements as ISO 9001, meaning you’ve already completed much of the work needed to certify to many other management systems.

If you already have two or more systems in place, you can combine and streamline the way you manage your processes. This makes them more manageable and eliminates the need to duplicate work.

Transfer your certification to BSI

Get global recognition with the BSI Certification Mark and discover how our experience and reputation delivers real value to your business. We focus on continual improvement, as well as maintaining your system – showing you how to grow and develop your business. Plus, transferring from another certification body is easy.