Getting started with ISO 41001 Facility Management

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Discover the best way to get started with ISO 41001 so it adds value to your organization and those you deliver FM services to.

What is ISO 41001 Facility Management Certification?

ISO 41001 is an internationally recognized best practice framework for an facility management (FM) system. It helps you as an FM provider recognize the scope of your responsibilities and create a management structure, with appropriate resources to address your needs and the strategies of those you deliver services too.

ISO 41001 can help both providers of FM services, and procurement teams, by providing a benchmark to measure competency and maturity of FM delivery in a global market.

By achieving ISO 41001 certification you demonstrate that your FM system meets international best-practice, promoting consistent global capability and delivery of FM.

Where do I start with ISO 41001?

You need to:

  • Buy the standard and read it; understand the content, your requirements and how it will improve your business
  • Contact us so we can answer your questions and propose a solutions aligned to the needs of your organization.

We help you to:

  • Understand the standard
  • Download a copy of our ISO 41001 product flyer to help you understand the standard
  • Learn about what your organization will need to do and share ideas and experiences with your peers at our BSI ISO 41001 Requirements training course