BSI among first to certify aerospace companies to AS9100 Rev D

Herndon, VA – 4/10/2017 - BSI announced today it has certified its first Aerospace company to AS9100 Rev D, the industry-recognized standard of quality and risk management essential to operating in the highly regulated Aviation, Space and Defense (ASD) sector. Friday, NAECO LLC of Georgia became the first to achieve a BSI certification to the revised standard.

“Quality in the Aerospace industry is synonymous to consumer safety. The changes required by the latest revision of AS9100 are demanding, including greater involvement and accountability of top management, increased scrutiny of the supply chain and risk prevention and mitigation throughout the quality system”, stated Scott Neas, BSI ASD Technical Manager.

AS9100 is increasingly mandated for Original Equipment Manufacturers and their suppliers, requiring 3rd party independent assessment to verify compliance. The new standard has a number of benefits which focus on creating consistent products and services that are safer and more reliable.

Few organizations have passed the rigors of the new standard. NAECO is the fourth organization to achieve this certification worldwide.

“As one of the first to achieve accreditation to audit the Aviation, Space and Defense sector to the new AS9100 Rev D standard, and most recently, by certifying some of the first organizations, BSI continues to demonstrate its thought leadership and commitment to excellence,” stated BSI Americas President Todd VanderVen.

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