BSI has refreshed its identity globally

Press release - Reston, VA - July 23, 2012 

BSI has a new brand identity - one that represents our commitment to supporting our clients in making excellence a habit.  For every business.  Every day.  Everywhere. 

 “Refreshing our branding is a natural evolution of our business,” comments Todd VanderVen, President, BSI Group America Inc. “The rapid expansion of our organization caused us to carefully consider the common thread that makes BSI attractive to clients globally.

Extensive global research among 10,000 customers, prospects and employees told us that we help embed excellence in organizations day in and day out, enabling them to perform better, reduce risk, and achieve sustainable growth. Consequently, we have adopted ‘making excellence a habit’ as our core message, to succinctly communicate what we stand for, the benefits we bring to our customers, and what distinguishes us from our competitors.”

We know that excellence matters to all organizations, and BSI helps organizations of all sizes across the world embed frameworks for success. One of our recent differentiators in the market is the BSI Excellerator Report; it is a new service to optimize performance and make the most of an organization’s management systems.  We’ve audited thousands of management systems applying the same standards to each so we can genuinely benchmark performance for corporate excellence. 

BSI will always hold strong to our legacy in standards development, but as business evolves so must we – our people, our products, our proposition.  BSI delivers a one-stop value proposition from the decision to improve systems through to registration and continual improvement that allows us to provide organizations – large enterprise to small business - with an integrated approach to meet needs and embed excellence across the business.  Our comprehensive package of assessment services, training, and management system software presents organizations with a unique solution and offers organizations the opportunity to jumpstart their assurance efforts.

BSI is an essential partner for enterprise by supporting performance, reducing risk and facilitating sustainable growth, as well as helping businesses understand how they can achieve their true potential. BSI provides solutions for businesses of every size and the means to tackle the challenges they face.  While the BSI brand has been refreshed and modernized globally, our commitment to our clients across the world remains the same.  For more than a century, ‘making excellence a habit’ has been at the heart of the organization; now it is also part of our brand identity.