BSI Releases Upgrade to Quality Module of Entropy® Software

Press release - Reston, VA - 9 May 2011

BSI Group America Inc. (BSI), a leading global provider of ISO-standards-based assurance, compliance, and information solutions, today announced an upgrade to the quality management module in its Entropy® Software solution. The enhancement provides organizations with the tools to maximize business performance and improve bottom-line results by embedding Good Practice quality guidelines into every facet of their quality management program. The enhancement provides improved transparency across a product’s lifecycle, facilitating the early identification of gaps in the product realization process and equipping organizations to improve business processes and drive business growth.

Some of the key benefits of Entropy® Software and the quality management module include: 

  • Dynamic system that follows product lifecycle and realization, tracking compliance to source;  
  • Instant executive visibility on enterprise-wide compliance to quality measurements; 
  • Focused reports using traffic-light, real-time performance dashboards;
  • Ability to drive quality improvements through the supply chain; and 
  • Consistency of data across business sites and comparability of internal and external assessments.

The latest release presents features and improved functionality to better support risk and compliance needs and provide assurance related to quality management systems. BSI’s Entropy Software® offers built-in ISO 9001 standard and self assessment tools, further ensuring compliance parameters are readily available. Between the extensive language capability and the exhaustive library of reports and charts, Entropy® Software provides unparalleled access to and improved quality of data.

“This latest release solidifies Entropy as a leading innovator in the development of quality management software,” said Bill McMoil, SVP GRC Solutions with BSI. “Entropy’s Quality Management System helps enterprises - large and small - streamline and automate their processes for increased efficiency, improved risk management, and enhanced compliance to ISO standards, regulations, internal policies, and customer SLA’s. The end result is that quality is optimized, compliance ensured, and costs reduced for companies across a wide range of industries.”

Entropy® Software enables organizations to become more agile by empowering them with the information that they need to deliver a superior level of quality in their products, streamline operations, and protect brand value and reputation.

For more information, please contact Shereen Abuzobaa, VP Marketing & Training +1 (703) 464-1931  

About Entropy® Software

Entropy is a web-based software solution providing a technology framework that allows companies to effectively manage Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).  Entropy helps businesses continuously improve control, assurance, and accountability; reduce risks, incidents, liability, and cost; and protect and enhance brand value and reputation.  Designed and developed to meet recognized international standards, Entropy provides a risk management and compliance system that is certifiable and auditable against the requirements of the ISO Standards.  Entropy is in use at over 50,000 sites worldwide to address companies' risk, compliance, and performance management in areas of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, environmental, health & safety, quality, and supply chain compliance management.  For more details on Entropy solutions visit our Compliance Software page.