What can management systems do for you?

Research shows that businesses that adopt and certify to best practice, as outlined in internationally-recognized standards, reap substantial benefits:

  • 75% experienced improved customer service
  • 77% boosted their performance
  • 74% acquired new customers and retained existing clients
  • 44% achieved cost savings

Harvard studies underscore these findings and identified ISO 9001 adopters, for example, having faster sales growth, increased employment and fewer workplace injuries.

Why do organizations obtain management system certification

Every business has three basic challenges that threaten their success: 

  • Comply with customer requirements and government regulations and standards
  • Protect the organization through embedding quality and instituting best practices
  • Grow the organization, extending the customer reach and satisfaction, thereby increasing revenue 

Management systems allow organizations to meet these challenges by instilling best practices and validating, through certification, that they are properly established in the company.

What should organizations look for in a certification provider

Not all certification services are the same. Organizations need to look for providers which: 

  • Are independently certified by a recognized accreditation body, like ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board)
  • Employ auditors with proven expertise, extensive experience and industry-specific knowledge
  • Have strong local capacity
  • Understand the industry, the territory and the challenges to effectively assess an organization’s conformance to the spirit and the letter of management system standards

Certification services offered by BSI

What sets BSI apart is our total solution approach that couples assessment and certification with other components that make a company successful. At BSI, we help you embed excellence in your organization. 

BSI CertificationWe don’t just assess you on standards, we help you to meet them. We’ll support you every step of the way on your journey to certification.

BSI Certification TransferWhen you’re under pressure to keep the confidence of customers, employees and shareholders, you need a trusted certification body. We’ll help you transfer to us quickly and easily.

Multiple management systemsIf you have two or more management systems, we can coordinate assessment so that it falls on the same dates, minimizing disruption to your organization and saving you money.

BSI Multi-site certificationIf you are a large organization with multiple business locations, you may want to consider multi-site certification to better streamline operations and facilitate management.

Business improvement solutionsOnce you’ve achieved a standard, you need to maintain it. BSI offers training, self-assessment tools, newsletters, compliance software and more.

Training programsWe train over 90,000 people per year across the globe.  Our training programs are led by technical experts with in-depth field experience and advanced training skills.

BSI Entropy SoftwareBSI Entropy Software enables organizations to effectively manage risks, improve reporting and increase internal control of their quality standards.  Using the right tools is paramount for maintaining a competitive advantage.

BSI Action Manager Our BSI Action Manager software tool, powered by BSI Entropy, helps organizations effectively manage corrective and preventative actions related with audits, non-conformities, and incidents.