Energy sector
Energy sector

The energy sector is undergoing a huge transformation as we move from a fossil fuel-based system toward a net zero, decentralized, and digital energy system. It’s no longer a question if we embrace the transition to a low-carbon grid but rather how we manage the transition.

Standards play an important role in enabling and accelerating this transition, and we at BSI are very much at the forefront of supporting the energy transition. From emerging standards in low carbon energy sources like – renewables, off-shore wind and green hydrogen to supporting the innovation needed to deliver net zero by 2050.

Our wider variety of standards and holistic solutions provide a wealth of information for the sector, such as quality management systems, product specifications and documentation and measurement processes.

Supply chain risk insights report

BSI’s Supply Chain Risk Insights Report 2023 identifies key global trends in how organizations manage supply chains and the behaviors observed in 2022.

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