About ISO 50001 Energy Management

Used by large and small organizations across the world to manage and reduce energy use and costs, ISO 50001 is an excellent framework to help implement an energy management system (EnMS).

From large retailers to smaller manufacturers and small businesses, the standard offers organizations the opportunity to become more resilient against energy costs and availability.

Whether you’re interested in certifying to ISO 50001 to reduce costs, comply with legislation or increase your sustainability, implementing the standard provides a systematic approach to achieving all three.

The new ISO 50001 is available

With a sharper focus on senior level management and improved clarity on energy performance  concepts, the new ISO energy management standard is now available.

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The benefits of ISO 50001

Our clients report many different benefits of implementing a certified energy management system.

Are you ready for energy management?

What are the benefits of ISO 50001 Energy Management?

  • Identify and Manage the risks surrounding your future energy supply
  • Measure and monitor energy use to identify where to improve efficiency
  • Improve overall performance to cut energy consumption and bills
  • Reduce carbon emissions and meet government reduction targets
  • Demonstrate environmental credentials to increase tender opportunities

Helpful Information

Our CEO Brief provides the key facts about the changes to the standard so that you can start preparing your senior leadership team today.

If you’d like to learn more about how the new standard will be structured our Introducing Annex SL Whitepaper can help.

 For guidance only, the ISO/FDIS 50001 Mapping Guide provides an overview of the changes, deletions, new or enhanced requirements.