11月权威认证|BSI为大普微SSD产品颁发ISO 14067产品碳足迹核查意见声明

日前,大普微(DapuStor)SSD产品顺利通过BSI核查,荣获BSI颁发的ISO 14067产品碳足迹核查声明,产品生命周期温室气体数据质量经验证符合ISO 14067:2018的要求。

BSI has issued ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint Verification Declaration to DapuStor SSD (Solid State Drive) following a successful verification. The quality of greenhouse gas data of the product life cycle was verified as acceptable against the requirements of the international standard ISO 14067:2018.

为什么选择ISO 14067碳足迹核查?

Why Choose ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Verification?

随着气候变迁议题持续升温,温室气体排放已成为关注焦点,除了藉由ISO 14064 标准进行组织碳核算与核查外,企业组织生产的产品及提供的服务则可运用ISO 14067 碳足迹标准进行核算以了解其相关碳排放量。

Greenhouse gas emissions have been considered as top priority in combatting climate change. As well as conducting carbon accounting and verification within organizations based on the ISO 14064 standard, the carbon emissions associated with the products and services produced by businesses can be assessed using the ISO 14067 carbon footprint standard to help them to understand their relevant carbon emissions.


Visionary organizations have started to voluntarily declare their greenhouse gas emission targets to manage their risks, reduce costs, protect brand, and attract socially responsible investments. By undergoing this process, these organizations are also preparing themselves for compliance to future legislation on greenhouse gas emissions reductions.


To ensure accuracy and completeness of data, independent third-party verification significantly enhances the credibility of carbon footprint statements.


Carbon Footprint Verification is fundamental to building trust. It helps regulatory bodies, clients, employees, shareholders, potential investors, environmental groups, media, and even competitors to be confident in the authenticity, completeness, and transparency of carbon footprint calculations. Any organization actively measuring carbon footprints, or developing procedures to meet carbon footprint requirements, regardless of size, industry, or region, may benefit from a more rigorous and professional Carbon Footprint Verification process.


As a global consensus, low-carbon development is key to achieving sustainable development. With the widespread application of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, the energy consumption of data centers has increased dramatically. This not only brings high operational costs,  but also has a significant impact on the environment. The product chosen for the Carbon Footprint Verification is DapuStor SSD. As a core component of data storage, the performance and energy consumption of SSD directly affects the overall efficiency of data centers. Using SSD’s with lower-carbon and greater power efficiency is one of the key measures to improve data center power efficiency. The market is increasingly inclined to choose products that make efforts in energy conservation and emission reduction. In this context, low-carbon and power-saving storage solutions have become particularly important.

大普微研发副总裁陈祥表示,大普微深感荣幸我们的企业级SSD系列产品通过了BSI的核查,获得了ISO 14067产品碳足迹核查声明。这不仅是对我们产品质量和环保承诺的认可,也是我们在可持续发展道路上迈出的重要一步。我们将始终致力于提供高效能、低碳足迹的存储解决方案,为构建绿色信息技术生态做出应有的贡献。大普微也将继续坚持创新,积极实施环保战略,与全球伙伴一道,共同推动节能减排,构造长期可持续发展的未来。

Vice President of R&D at DapuStor, Mr. Xiang Chen, expressed his great honor that DapuStor enterprise SSD has passed BSI's verification and obtained ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint Verification Declaration. He said, “This not only recognizes the quality of DapuStor’s products and commitment to environmental protection but also marks an important step forward on our path to sustainable development. DapuStor will always strive to provide storage solutions that are high-performance and low in carbon footprint, making our contribution to building a green information technology ecosystem. DapuStor will,  continuously, adhere to innovation, actively implement environmental strategies, promote energy conservation and emission reduction together with global partners, and construct a future of long-term sustainable development.”



Mandy Yang, Sustainability Director, BSI Greater China stated, “To confront the international sustainability challenges, particularly in carbon management, the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), US carbon tariffs, and green supply chain decarbonization requirements, conducting product carbon footprint verification is not only beneficial for internal sustainability promotion within organizations but also a fundamental requirement for future global supply chain competitiveness. The verification of the carbon footprint of DapuStor  SSD by BSI, an internationally recognized standard authority, will help ensure its data accuracy and enhance its stakeholder trust."


英国标准协会(简称BSI)成立于1901年,是全球首家国家标准机构以及国际标准组织(简称ISO)创始成员之一。BSI是一家能够帮助组织将最佳实践标准转化为卓越习惯的业务改进公司, 践行企业使命“激发信任,创建更具有韧性的世界。”经过一百多年的发展,BSI已成为全球公认的最佳实践专家,为全球195个国家的86,000名客户提供服务。 作为世界上最悠久、最权威之一的标准制定和认证机构,我们提供专业的服务覆盖涉及汽车,航空,建筑,食品,零售以及健康等多行业。基于BSI集团在标准制定,认证服务,法规监管以及能力建设的专业服务,BSI致力于提升客户的绩效、提升可持续性、管理风险和最终打造成韧性组织。

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Since 1901, BSI is the business improvement and standards company that enables organizations to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence, ‘inspiring trust for a more resilient world’. For over a century BSI has driven best practice in organizations around the world. Working with over 86,000 clients across 195 countries, it is a truly global business with skills and experience across all sectors including automotive, aerospace, built environment, food and retail and healthcare. Through its expertise in Standards and Knowledge, Assurance Services, Regulatory Services and Consulting Services, BSI helps clients to improve their performance, grow sustainably, manage risk and ultimately become more resilient.

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About DapuStor

DapuStor(DapuStor Corporation), founded in 2016, is a leading domestic and internationally renowned enterprise SSD controller chip design, SSD, and storage solution provider. It has a full-stack capability from chip design to mass production and delivery of storage products. As a national high-tech enterprise, national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, and national specialized, refined, distinctive and innovative "small giant" enterprise, DapuStor is committed to promoting the development of China's "Storage and Computing Integration" and "Intelligent Storage" industries.