Supply chain solutions

How well managed is your supply chain?

Today’s supply chains are longer and more complex than ever before, and they contain a huge range of risks. BSI is a leader in global risk management and ideally placed to help you mitigate those risks – both the ones you already recognize and the ones you don’t yet know about.

Many businesses have long supply chains that rely on an international network of suppliers, who often have their own complex networks of suppliers. The viability of these businesses depends absolutely on the viability of their supply chains – and this is why excellent supply chain management has become a critical factor in running a successful business.

In today’s global marketplace, a secure, resilient and well-managed supply chain is not just a ‘someday’ goal, but the decisive minimum threshold for any company intent on competing successfully in the international arena.

At BSI we offer a sophisticated range of supply chain security tools and a network of experts around the world. We can help you evaluate your overall supply chain risk as well as the potential risks that specific suppliers may face. The combination of our tools and our network of security assessment professionals gives us a unique global reach and effectiveness.

At the heart of BSI Supply Chain Solution is our exclusive and unrivalled ability to model supply chain risks. We have pioneered the most comprehensive, scientifically rigorous and user-focused supply chain risk analysis tools and services available today.

Who we work with

BSI works with thousands of organizations worldwide to help them manage their operations and the risks inherent in them. Our clients are in virtually every significant sector and many operate on a global basis. They include US and other government agencies.