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  • Classification changes under the MDR >
    Download our guide to the risk classification rules under the MDR and gain expert insight into the background to the new EU rules regarding risk classification and the actions your organization may need to take as a result of them.

  • Comparison of the articles of the European MDD and the MDR >
    This guide presents a summary of the provisions of some of the articles of the MDD and MDR together with commentary providing discussion and highlighting the key differences.

  • Developing and maintaining a quality management system for IVDs >
    There are many different requirements with which in vitro diagnostic manufacturers must comply in order to place product on the market. At the core of most of these requirements is a fundamental need to have a good quality management system in place.

  • Digital maturity in an age of digital excitement >
    Digital technology in the medical devices sector has the power to excite. But, it is important that a mature, critical approach is taken when evaluating new technologies. Download this medical device white paper today and learn about digital maturity.

  • Effective post-market surveillance >
    This paper explores the current regulatory and legislative requirements with regards to post-market surveillance (PMS), in the wake of recent health scares concerning implants.

  • Engaging stakeholders in the home medical device market >
    This paper considers the implications for manufacturers when medical devices designed for trained professionals move to community use and looks at essential issues for designing devices specifically for this growing market.

  • General Safety and Performance Requirements (Annex I) >
    This paper provides comparison of the Safety and Performance Requirements (SPRs) of the new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and the Essential Requirements (ERs) of the Medical Devices and Active Implantable Devices Directives that they replace.

  • Importers, distributors and assemblers >
    Download our guide and gain expert insight into the background to the rules regarding importers and distributors under the MDR/IVDR and the actions your organization may need to take as a result.

  • ISO 13485 - The proposed changes and what they mean for you >
    This paper introduces the proposed updates to ISO 13485, the quality management system standard that complements product specific directives.

  • Nanomaterials >
    This white paper discusses the advent and use of nanomaterials in medical devices and explores the regulatory requirements for devices containing nanomaterials.

  • Negotiating the Innovation and Regulatory Conundrum >
    This paper raises important questions about the attitude to creative product development, illustrating the need for a closely documented approach throughout the process.

  • Planning for implementation of the European Union Medical Devices Regulations >
    This paper discusses decisions that need to be made by affected organizations and includes questions to ask about your organization’s preparedness in order to comply with the new requirements.

  • Post-market surveillance under the MDR/IVDR >
    Gain expert insight into the background to the new EU rules regarding post-market surveillance (PMS) and the actions your organization may need to take as a result of them.

  • Recent advancements in AI – implications for medical device technology and certification >
    The purpose of this white paper is to provide a very brief overview of where AI is being used in healthcare, and why it might be increasingly seen in medical devices.

  • Technical Documentation and Medical Device Regulation >
    This whitepaper reviews the regulatory requirements for Technical Documentation under the new MDR, with focus on conformity assessment routes and post-market surveillance.

  • The differences and similarities between ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 >
    Quality management professionals need to know the differences and similarities in these two revised standards in order to react to the revisions and mitigate any concerns the revisions may create.

  • The European Medical Devices Regulations >
    This paper addresses a number of areas, including PMS as an element of the management of clinical evidence throughout the device lifecycle, the PMS system, the PMS plan; preparation of a summary report of PMS information, complaint handling and more.

  • The growing role of human factors and usability engineering for medical devices >
    By applying knowledge of human capabilities and limitations Human Factors and Usability Engineering (HF/UE) contributes to the design of intuitive displays, controls, and other interfaces that substantially reduce the risk of user error.

  • The impact and potential for 3D printing and bioprinting in the medical devices industry >
    This whitepaper seeks to review the history of 3D printing of medical devices, identify the key characteristics of successful exploitation, and to examine the scope for bioprinting processes to enhance medical devices.

  • The post-market priority >
    Dr. Hamish Forster, BSI orthopaedic and dental product expert, provides an overview of the key elements required within technical documentation to demonstrate conformity to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

  • The role of the person responsible for regulatory compliance >
    Download our guide to learn more about the background to the EU rules regarding responsible persons and the actions your organization may need to take as a result of them.

  • UDI and the MDR/IVDR >
    Download our guide and gain expert insight into the background to the new EU rules relating to unique device identification (UDI) and the actions your organization may need to take as a result of them.

  • What you need to know about the FDA’s UDI system final rule >
    Taking an in-depth look to explore standardized granular identification of medical devices, associated meta-data to support various public-health initiatives and step by step guidance and advice for UDI compliance.