Industry sectors

We offer global solutions across a range of industry sectors. Discover the key issues and for your industry sector as well as the services, standards and solutions to address those challenges.

  • Aerospace >
    Improve business performance and resilience for organizations in aviation, space, and defense

  • Agriculture and farming >
    Employ excellence in your agriculture and farming operations

  • Automotive >
    Improve performance, resilience and safety throughout the automotive supply chain

  • Construction >
    Maintain safety and excellence within every phase of your construction or building operations

  • CSR and governance >
    Deliver stakeholders' expectation through CSR and governance

  • Data and protection >
    Meet data protection obligations for your organization

  • Engineering >
    Ensure complete solutions for organizational projects

  • Environmental management and sustainability >
    Become more environmentally responsible while increasing cost efficiency

  • Health, safety, and wellbeing >
    Fostering a culture of trust to protect and enhance your people and products

  • ICT and telecoms >
    Ensure quality, reliability and security in your products and services

  • Information Management >
    Ensure your organization use and manage information correctly and legally

  • Manufacturing >
    Ensure your products are up to standard, comply with regulations and avoid product recalls

  • Medical devices >
    Ensure patient safety and market access

  • Mining >
    Ensure critical safety and operational performance in extractions

  • Quality and Business Improvement >
    Improve the performance of your business

  • Risk >
    Manage risk effectively in your organization

  • Security >
    Minimize risk, reduce premiums, and meet regulatory requirements

  • Transport and logistics >
    Meet transportation requirements and ensure cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction