BSI continues to encourage manufacturers to transition to a UK approved body before 1 January 2023 deadline to apply for the UKCA mark

June 30, 2022

In light of the Government’s recent announcement regarding UKCA product marking, BSI, the business improvement and standards company continues to encourage manufacturers to transition to a UK approved body before the January 1, 2023 deadline. The GOV.UK announcement set out a range of changes for businesses to apply new product conformity markings for most products placed on the market in England, Scotland and Wales.

One of the new measures laid out by the Government reduce re-testing costs by accepting any conformity activities undertaken by EU bodies before the end of 2022 will be considered as the basis for UKCA Marking next year. BSI believes this is related to module B activities (Type Examination).

Shahm Barhom, Group Product Certification Director at BSI, said: “In the limited situation where products can continue to remain on the market with their existing EU certification after January 1, 2023, if any changes are made to the product and/or the standard used to test the product, the certification loses validity, and a full UKCA application must be made.

“Therefore, we would advise manufacturers, that in the majority of cases, transitioning existing applications will be more cost effective and less complicated than submitting a full new application for UKCA compliance.”

Those who have already transitioned or are in the process of transitioning do not need to be concerned with any of the GOV.UK announcements made on UKCA marking.

For more information about the new requirements, please visit the Government’s website

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