BSI launches Safety First

August 17, 2020

-A complete solution designed to help to organizations address new health and safety protocols in the “next normal”

BSI, the business improvement company, today launches Safety First, a new packaged solution designed to provide organizations the necessary tools to address health and safety concerns. Safety First includes training, a mobile app for capturing safety incidents in real-time, and a gap assessment. The program has been developed to help businesses implement new health and safety protocols as they return to the workplace post-COVID-19 lockdowns.

The BSI Safety First program includes the following:

  • Training. Instruction on ISO 45001 Requirements, covering the clauses of the standard, context of the organization, and learning to identify hazards and risks.  Also is included is training on BSI’s Connect Mobile App.
  • Incident Capture using the Connect Mobile App.  Employees will be able to   capture health and safety incidents including those related to new protocols, such as hygiene, social distancing, use of PPE, and other issues pertaining to the “next normal.”
  • Gap Assessment including completion of the ISO 45001 questionnaire and delivery of the Health and Safety Baseline Report, which will highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in an organization’s system.

“Safety is themost important factor in today’s workplace. While baseline safety has always been critical, now, more than ever, it’s important to augment these efforts to meet the challenges of life after the pandemic,” said Tim Wren, Regional Commercial Director, BSI Group Americas.

“As businesses and their people begin to return to the workplace, there will be an increased focus on employee knowledge, competence, and engagement, as well the need for a health and safety system that identifies and documents the new protocols and measures them efficiently and consistently.”

A key component of the Safety First program is the Connect Mobile App which provides users the ability to record safety incidents as they occur, or when they are observed, directly from a mobile device. Other methods of recording incidents have often meant taking a photo and returning to a desktop computer at a later time to upload the image and then attach it to an incident report. The Connect Mobile App, allows for the capture and reporting of incidents in real-time, providing businesses the ability to make informed data driven decisions that will have an immediate impact on the safety of employees and facilities.

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